The Future

Headed into the Future

I have a cold and judging from the sounds he made while being fed this morning, Zane has a cold. A big blob of wet weather moved in after a couple days of really fine, unseasonable weather. We’re not sure if we should be winterizing or planting.

In the past week Zane has picked up on the meaning of the bottle. This isn’t the first time, or at least first indication. Two weeks after he was born I was feeding him and he grabbed the bottle with both hands and took over. “Well, that was easy.” I thought to myself, imagining him transitioning into feeding himself over the next couple of weeks.

Which, of course, didn’t happen.

He’s bonked and whacked and pushed the bottle a few hundred times since then and maybe even grabbed it half-heartedly, but nothing as direct and intent as that first time. He’s also never really seemed to notice the bottle except when it’s in his face.

With the cooler weather we’ve started warming the milk again (he seemed to prefer cool milk in the Summer). The difference now is that he’ll look over at the bottle being warmed on the counter and keep his eye on it. Look away, look back to make sure it’s still there. He even gets a bit perturbed if it seems to be taking too long. Then, when you finally do get the bottle ready and position him for feeding he’ll follow the bottle with his eyes and even move to grab it as it approaches. The past few days he’s been grabbing the bottle and trying to take over baby feeding as well.

Speaking of which: should the bottle be cleaned after the nipple is poked into a baby’s nose or eye?