The Flying Circus Act

We went to the big playground yesterday afternoon. Originally I thought we could ride bikes and scooters in the large, paved parking lot, but Zane really didn’t think that was a good idea. From not wanting to ride his bike for more than a few minutes to spending ten minutes riding back and forth over a piece of gum, we really didn’t get much of that done. So off to the playground! Other kids would come and go with their parents and he’d talk to them (he talks to EVERYONE) and maybe try to play together for a while. The big, new thing was how good he’s gotten with the merry-go-round. As you can see in the video he now spins it, climbs aboard, and jumps off with ease. He can also stay on it for a long time without getting dizzy. I took the video on the iPhone and even managed to jump off backwards without totally messing up the shot.

Try changing the video quality setting to 720p (from 480p) and watching fullscreen.