The Finer Things in Life

Stopping to smell the flowers. Learning to dress yourself. Practicing saying “nooooo.” These are a few of the many things to occupy the day. It should be pointed out that he counted up to 13 yesterday with the Sesame Street gang. I worked with him on saying “yes” and even “maybe” although I’m guessing he’s not sure WHEN he’d ever actually USE them. “:^)

Other things he’s learned lately, from us, his friends, or out of thin air: squealing with delight (and sometimes it’s not clear what’s so delightful), kissing (no puckering), cleaning up (still outweighed by messing things up), and more words than we can keep track of. Despite the blossoming word count he still uses squeaks, grunts, cries, pouts, whacking of spoons, finger points and other inexplicable signals to communicate when we are feeding him. Wouldn’t a simple yes, no, or maybe be better? Nooooooo….

Speaking of learning, here’s a zane-cam capture from yesterday. I missed the first couple of minutes of him trying to figure out pant legs, but this is still a good representation of the event.