The Fine Art of Waiting

A huge benefit of the big boy bed, for all of us, is that Zane can entertain himself in the morning while waiting. I’ll turn on the music in his room (from work) and he’ll grab some books to read, perhaps check the thermometer, climb this or that, jump up and down on things, or rock for a while in the rocking chair. What’s funny is when he’s bored with all of that he’ll walk up to the door and knock on it.

I got a definitive “YES” answer from Zane last night. It was close to bedtime and I put on a little kids show while cooking a batch of Tapioca. When I came to retrieve young son he was in the middle of the room dancing, singing “arrr arrr arrr” along with the animated cutesy pirates on TV.

“Oh, are you a pirate now?”

“Yes!” He exclaimed, following up with some more arrrrss.

It’s scary just how fast and how much he is learning these days. Reading books before bed I try to find things in the pictures that he might not recognize. “Do you see a book?” I ask, the page shows the man in the yellow hat and an animal rescue lady coming through a door, a book case in the distance behind them. On the other page a distracting room full of puppies. He not only pointed to a book in the bookcase but gave the sign language for book.

He knows shapes, including the difference between an oval and circle. When pointing at a kangaroo with a baby in her pouch he says, “Mommy.” He also counted to two all on his own without any prompting from me. There were two ostrich’s in the Curious George book and when I pointed them out and said “Ostrich” he pointed to one and said “One” and the other and said “Two.”

I only wish he’d let me read something else besides Curious George…