The Eyes

I think it’s fair to say that playground weather is pretty much over now. While waiting for Zane to finish his nap yesterday I had grandiose ideas of heading out to the playground for an hour or so before dinner. Sadly, the temperature never got higher than 45 and never felt warmer than the upper 30’s. So we’ll have to stay prepared for the few warm spells that will hopefully happen over the next couple of months.

Zane’s been spending more and more time sitting on the potty, having us read him books, without anything “coming out” of this quality time since the one success last week. I think it’s all a clever bit of reverse-psychology to have us read him even MORE books. I’ve read some of these books so many times that I’m starting to paraphrase instead of read or even make up whole new stories. He’s not to the point of correcting me yet.

He’s walking up and down stairs with little or no help and running faster and faster each day (especially through grocery stores!). Yesterday he was walking up the stairs and said “Rainbow?” while pointing at some facets of light glowing on the wall. Sure enough our new front door casts mini-rainbows when the light hits it just right. Later, walking down the stairs in the evening, Zane said “Rainbows are gone.”

Zane’s language and reasoning skills are really blossoming these days. His pronunciation isn’t always clear and since he’s coming up with words and descriptions we aren’t expecting it can take some time to decode what he means. Yesterday he was walking around the kitchen table talking and it took us a while to realize that he was saying the alphabet. He’ll sing Twinkle Twinkle with me sometimes and there’s another song he’s been singing that we still haven’t deciphered.

Perhaps Dan Brown will be basing his next novel on deciphering hidden messages of two year olds?