The Curious Case of the Missing Nose

Close Nose

I think those are flavor dots on his diminutive nose. When we were kids you could buy sheets of wax paper with candy dots on them. I can’t remember what they were called so I searched the net and found these flavor dots and it’s even related to babies. “The inventive concept of placing a pleasing odorant near a user’s nose during drinking can help babies, elderly people and even pets ingest more fluids.”

Faith is in an opera again this Summer and rehearsals just started up. It’s a pretty gruesome schedule (probably even for someone who likes opera) with rehearsals most nights of the week from seven to ten. Faith tries to slip a nap in beforehand, so it’s the all Zane & Jerry show from around three until after ten.

With all of this extra time together Zane and I have started a exercise regime: try to walk two miles every day. Two miles because if you go to the bottom of the hill and back, either North or South of our house it works out to two miles. The other direction, West, is mostly uphill and also clocks in at two miles round trip. Each way offers unique topography, varying exercise regime, and different sights and sounds. Zane gets a little exercise between naps: one route is dirt road, which provides a higher jostle amplitude for maximum muscle tone.

As to the nose, well, I’m just wondering if all babies are born with a button nose and then grow into their real nose over time or if this is it? My brother is pretty sure he’ll get the Halstead septum.