The Cruiser

The Cruiser

I think we are in an ideal time slot right now: Zane can cruise but he can’t walk, he can crawl but not really fast or far. This limits his range and yet keeps him totally occupied and happy. When I bring him into the office (he NEVER goes into that crib, it’s for show) he cruises back and forth across the futon pile, picking up toys. This is good for a half hour or an hour of content baby, i.e. time that I can write code. Lately I’ve noticed him trying to climb up on the futons.

There was a strange moment last night while Zane was crawling. I was on the floor and he was crawling after me, so I made my way over to the stairs to see what he would do. He crawled to the edge of the stairs, reached down his arm to touch the next step down, and then crawled backwards a couple feet away. He did this four or five times. We weren’t sure if he was working up a running start or trying to come up with an angle/approach where that first step went away.