The Climber II

I think part way into his grand scaling attempt of the crib he must have paused and thought,
“Wait, why am I trying to climb INTO the crib?!”

Shortly thereafter he crawled back down, curled up on the mattress on the floor and drifted off to sleep. Woo hoo, good job Faith! She’s been working on getting him to sleep on a mattress in the hopes that we can transition him to his race car bed before he starts making a habit of crawling/falling out of the crib. As you can see time is of the essence. The other day I was trying to get him to fall asleep on the cushion (failed!) and he managed to crawl into the crib, although the side railing was in the down position and, uh, I helped a little (yes, I am not all that sharp).

Something funny from last night. I was finishing up dinner with Zane when his Aunt Laura showed up on iChat (what, you don’t have a laptop on the kitchen table?). I fired up the video chat so the two of them could make faces and laugh at each other. Zane spent a lot of time “feeding” his new truck to his Aunt. Then I got out the recorder to let Zane play a few songs. Then out came the bugle like horn, which he’s never even tried playing. Zane grabbed it and started playing! Musically it was a bit diverse, but still he got the concept of…well no surprise I guess…blowing raspberries into the mouth piece. I’ll share a video of last night’s musical adventures when there’s time to edit it together.