The Climber

I’m going to go out on a limb here to say that Zane enjoys climbing as much if not more than walking. Presented with a new environment he quickly picks out the things to climb. Chairs, benches, steps, coffee tables, book shelves … if it has some flat surfaces and is higher than the ground it’s a candidate. At puppy training he climbed all of the ramps and the ramp supports. Oh, and just remembered another one: upstairs couch. That wouldn’t be so bad on it’s own, but if you climb to the top of the couch you can reach the cat food. Probably not worth trying to count how many times we’ve caught him munching down on cat food.

The one saving grace (as of this week!) is he hasn’t attempted climbing out of his crib. Last year on this day we were wondering if he’d be standing up in his crib soon. Time flies.

Lessee, what other things are going in in the life of Zane? He still has a bit of eczema on one butt cheek and his knees, which we try to wash more often and put lotion on regularly. Nap times seem to be getting later and more difficult, but maybe it’s because he’s been getting up later in the morning? In general he goes to sleep by 9pm, is awake between 7:30 and 8:30am, and out of bed by nine. Afternoon naps are 2-3 hours, that’s if you can get him to go to sleep, and we try to not let him sleep past 4pm.

Lots of talking. Zane’s saying many new words and still piecing together short, mostly undecipherable, sentences. He’ll also try to repeat most words you say, which can be a fun exercise for all. What I really find amazing though is watching him interact with Sesame Street. He dances, smiles, and joins in on the numbers and letters segments. The long “people interacting” and Elmo segments lose his attention, but when they do the number or letter of the day, stand back! Last night the number was 16 and he counted with them pretty much the whole way. He even said 10 before they did! His very favorite numbers piece is when they show outdoor scenes (park bench, house stoop, etc..) and large colorful numbers magically rise up out of them.