The Calm Before the Dad

The Calm Before the Dad Storm

This is where Faith should jump in and write her own post, but in the meantime here’s my side of the story! “:^)

Faith and Zane went to mommies night out last night. Sometime around nine they came home, mommy with sleeping baby in tow.

“Here,” I offered, “I’ll take care of him.”

Sure, thanks.“ she foolishly replied. (that’s foreshadowing)

While Faith went to have a snack, pump, or whatever, I was downstairs carefully unzipping the baby’s car seat swaddle, unbuckling him, and then gently lifting him out and onto my shoulder. One sleeping baby transferred to shoulder intact…a perfect operation!

Carefully I made my way upstairs with my sleeping charge nestled comfortably. We get to the top of the stairs and…


…Faith starts shredding something in the paper grinder. Baby springs wide awake and looks around to see what manner of prehistoric animal is about to devour him. Dad pats his back reassuringly and glares at Mommy.

So, given that the perfectly sleeping baby was now wide awake I wasn’t too worried about maintaining the subterfuge of him being asleep. We headed down to Zane’s room to slip him into something more comfortable, i.e. clean diaper and pajamas. This, of course, led to many funny faces being exchanged, perhaps one or two raspberries, some toes being eaten, an arm chewed, and enough giggling to fill the Grand Canyon.

We moved over to the rocking chair, Zane standing on my lap, and were having a grand ol’, noisy time when Mom comes into the room and glares at me. “What are you boys doing?” when you know she truly meant, what is Jerry doing riling up my poor, sleepy baby! totally forgetting that it was her who woke the poor lad and Dad was simply doing his part to console the tike.

Zane for his part was wired to the wind and I couldn’t help but bust up laughing over and over at his smiles and antics. If that wasn’t a special moment, I don’t know what is.

“Gimme that baby.” she said as she took him away and put him in the crib. “You can read to him if you like, but it’s time for bed.”

Sure, maybe she didn’t want to wrestle wide-awake-fully-caffeinated baby at his final feeding a mere two hours away, but, but…we were having fun!

Smiley Fingers