The Broccoli King!

The Broccoli King

Two Front Teet This kid loves him some broccoli. Although, truth be told, he didn’t try to eat the stalk. Maybe because it wasn’t cooked? I grilled chicken and broccoli last night after Zane had his supper. While I was trying to eat he was trying to stuff golf-ball sized broccoli florets into his cheeks, or grab the chicken drumstick. I gave him Zane sized pieces of each, but that wasn’t nearly as fun. He even got one of the cleaned off bones to wave around for a little while, but also not as fun as swinging a fully fleshed leg around.

Faith called work yesterday to announce that the new front tooth had finally arrived. Like its predecessor it peeked out a week or so ago and then went back into hiding. It also looks like the bottom tooth came out. He has the coyest teeth around.

She dropped him off at the office towards the end of the day. Zane and I walked back into town, where I’ve been parking the car. It’s a nice mile and a half walk, but sitting in a stroller has got to be the boringest thing ever. Someone should invent an exer-stroller. The parent has a button to start the kids legs “walking.” Or something. Maybe it rearranges so the kid can stand during the walk, bonus points for the optional floor treadmill switch.