The Boys of Spring II

Nice day yesterday and more nice weather expected for the next few. Lots of opportunity for fresh air and sports. I don’t know why Zane insists on carrying the frisbee in his mouth, but at least I mostly limited him to the (relatively) clean, unchewed frisbee. You know what rhymes with frisbee? Rice crispy. For a while he was saying “more rice crispy?” whenever I tried to take his frisbee away. Then he started picking up Raz’s tennis balls and putting them in his mouth so I gave in and let him go back to frisbee fetching.

Later we went for a walk. Well, as much as you can call it a walk. Mostly it’s short strolls between interesting piles of dirt and rock. And when you are almost three everything is an interesting pile of dirt and rock.

Here’s the Boys of Spring from last year.