The Boys of 2007

We went over to Ben’s birthday party yesterday. Ben turns two later this week and he has a brand new baby sister who is just a month old. And, on top of all that, his Grandma and Grandpa were visiting, whom you might recognize in the video below since he recently won on the Biggest Loser show. I hadn’t met either of them before but can vouch that they were both looking trim and fit yesterday. Plus, you just gotta like a fellow named Jerry!

Also at the party was Franky who turned two a couple months ago. We’d been trying to plan a May birthday babies part but I think we should instead shoot for babies of 2007 party and cover them all.

Here’s a movie with clips from the past week. Not sure if I totally capture it, but Raz really loves the tunnels, even more than Zane. When you play fetch with him he usually detours through a tunnel on the way to the toy. Both he and Zane like to hang out in the big tent-room thing, Raz chewing something, Zane reading a book or studying a toy. Also in the movie some truck-book-reading, playing with Ben’s train at the party, and enjoying corn on the cob that evening. You’ll also note he’s got some bruises on his leg. No idea where/when he got those, but when went to the Doctor appt she said, “Ah, bruises on shins: looks like a typical two year old!”

It’s not all sunshine and roses. Zane’s been working on his stubborn kid technique. First it started off when his Mom dresses him in the morning. He does everything possible to keep her from putting on the diaper, often ending up crying and naked in his crib trying to out-will her. When we go to places like the grocery store he tries to be in charge as well, refusing to hold hands while walking through the parking lot and pitching a royal fit if you put him in the grocery cart. Isn’t this the age when you ship them off to their Grandparents for the Summer?