The Big Picture

Note to self, do NOT take the baby for a walk that starts off passing the mailbox. Last night we tried twice to go for a walk and Zane kept stopping at the mailbox and pointing up at it (“Why doesn’t Aunt Laura ever write?” haha!). And that was it, he wouldn’t go any further and any attempts to go forward or backward resulted in escalating waambulance sounds (wooaaaaooooaaaaooooaaa) of protest. I even picked him up so he could play with opening and closing the mailbox, but that didn’t seem to satisfy and it sure didn’t help my bad back. Finally I had to take him inside so I could check on the chicken I was cooking and it was the most stressful, painful situation ever in Zane’s life. He cried and cried and cried and I think he even glared at me once.

Not sure what is up with that kid and mailboxes.

Later, after a failed walk with his mommy, we all had a nice chicken dinner and all was forgiven or at least forgotten. We played hide-n-seek, a little bit of catch with the big ball, and some more hide-n-seek. While I took a break and Zane was self-entertaining he did something very surprising. Funny, but surprising and you’ll have to wait for the video in a day or two.