The best thing ever!

After yesterday’s romp in the snow, which was quite fun (except for the adults having to shovel for an hour or so) Zane and I headed over to a nearby McDs with a playspace. We walked in the door and his whole face lit up. It was kind of cruel to make him wait while I ordered coffee and juice. Once we got there all of that was forgotten. His first time through was mostly accompanied by, “cool!” “hey, what is this?” and “daddy, look!” There was some hesitation as he crawled across the long tunnel section, made in part with large nylon strapping (it moved and creaked). Once through it he was on kid auto-pilot and I could sit down to enjoy the coffee.

The photo above was created by stitching two together, just to give an idea of the scale of this thing. I’m afraid if we had one of these in our town we’d go every day during the Winter!

At breakfast this morning Zane was playing with clementine pieces, making letters and shapes on the table.

Me: “What’s that, some kind of fish?”
Z: “No. That is a zig zag, ok?”
Me: “Oh.”
Z: “See, it is the fish’s brains.”

I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff, but I’m not complaining! “:^)