The Baby Has Landed

Zane O

Zane and Faith arrived right around Zane’s bedtime last night. Indeed, he was sound asleep in the back of the car, yet once hoisted into his Dad’s arms, smelling the familiar house, and hearing a plaintive meow he was re-energized and ready to rumble. I quickly put him into pjs, after which he zipped from toy to toy, “hey, I know this thing!” He gleefully scrabbled after the cat whenever she came into view.

Which made it a bit of a challenge to get him to go to sleep. Luckily the monkey was still hanging from the ceiling. If Zane could talk he would have surely been saying, “I LOVE THIS MONKEY!” as he hugged it and smiled at the whole monkey-ness of his friend. Play time over the monkey was put back on the ceiling and baby laid down. Baby stood up, laughing and pointing at his dad’s hair. Baby was laid down. Baby read book, looked up at monkey, smiled, and stood up at edge of crib. Baby was laid down. This is a trick I learned from Faith, laying him down when you want him to lay down rather than waiting for him to do it on his own and/or pass out. Eventually, and much quicker than one would expect, he stays down and falls asleep.

Baby in bed, I went downstairs to watch Obama’s speech with Faith, reviewing the destruction to my “clean” house from the brief passing of Hurricane Zane.

It’s great to have them back!