The Arts

First off a note: there are now 1,300 photos on this little website and somewhere around 70 movies. That’s a lot of Zane!

To start off our evening of Art, Zane demonstrated some early food renderings. What started off as a noodle and pea locomotive soon became something entirely new. Eventually he ate most of it and, perhaps, his dad shouldn’t teach him to play with his food like this.

Next stop was another free concert in town. This time a big, loud “world music” band with lots of horns and drums and energy. Zane immediately started dancing and grooving while most of us older folks took a few steps back. We wandered around, as usual, and towards the end … well, basically signaling the end … I was carrying Zane by the bandstand and suddenly felt a warmness. Lesson learned: two sippy cups of juice before a concert has to go somewhere and a diaper can only hold so much!

Faith and Zane head out to her parent’s today, leaving me at home to catch up on projects and fight off the devil dog. A couple data points: Zane turns 2 years, 3 months tomorrow and weighs 24.8 lbs (verified last night: I’m hoping the grandparents can fatten him up a bit), while Raz turns 7.5 months and weighs 42lbs. Zane understands English much better than Raz, in fact I asked Zane to move a blanket to the bottom of the slide (so Raz could have a landing spot) and not only did he do so, but he even tried to left the end of the slide to wedge the blanket under for anchoring. Then last night when it was time for bed I mentioned that his room needed picking up and asked him to put away a few books. He struggled to lift one of the heavier books, but otherwise picked up three or four of them and set them on the shelves.

To his credit Raz sat on command this morning. That was after escaping in the parking lot and running around like a maniac for five minutes, totally ignoring me the whole time. And, to be totally fair, Raz has been hiking around four miles a day with me almost every day. I don’t think Zane and I have accumulated four miles in all of our walks combined.