That's The Tooth

I went to pick up Zane from school today and instantly noticed he had a new hole in his smile. Turns out it popped out during story time and, as he put it, “it made story time really exciting!”

He’s planning on where to put the tooth tonight and what’s going to happen. “Maybe she’ll give me a lollipop. Or maybe some money. Or maybe a lollipop and some money!” My comments of “maybe a crocodile” were totally ignored.

Update: 4am, I’m coming back from the bathroom and peeked into his room like I always do. He’s crawling out of bed, wide awake.

“Daddy, you know what? I went to look at it and it wasn’t under the pillow it was on the floor and IT’S FULL OF MONEY!”

You can tell he’s awestruck, that it (4 quarters) exceeded his wildest dreams. I get him back into bed, he leans back, gazing at the ceiling.

“We could we could go to Weathervane. We could “

(his mind is reeling, eyes wide)

“Daddy, if you need some money I could share it with you.”