That's My Mommy

Happy Mother’s Day to Faith and all of our Mom’s out there. Dunno how you managed everything over the years, but we’re all glad that you did.

Zane watching his mommy mow. Now, while it’s true that he would point and say “Daddy” it should also be noted that he’d point and say the same thing when no one was on the tractor. Dunno how he thinks the lawn tractor is his daddy, but it would explain much of his fascination with trucks and tractors and such. The image above has the added bonus of being an optical illusion, with the left side seemingly taller than the right.

Here’s a couple of quick movies from Friday. First half showing Zane in the rocking chair (he prefers to pull off bottom cushion) with a cameo by Raz. The second half is our intrepid counting boy working his way to ten. I had an even better video from last night and somehow managed to lose it. Anyways, you can see that Zane’s going to give the ol’ Count a run for his money in counting exuberance.