That's my boy!

Zane lending a hand in fixing the dishwasher pre-thanksgiving. We made it past the stage of calling the screws “nails” and to where he was using the screwdriver to screw them in. He even seemed to grasp the concept of turning clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen. His Mom’s more of a righty-tighty, lefty-loosy kind of person so it’s good that I got to him first! “:^)

Zane’s new phrase this week, invented solely by him we’re pretty sure, is “Where’s Daddy?” When he and I are playing hide-n-seek (or what he calls “runaway daddy”) and he hasn’t found me yet he’ll ask his mom or grandma, “where’s Daddy?” He’s also started using the possessive form, like “Zane’s trailer” or “Mommy’s car.” When one of his toys are lost and you ask where it might be he’ll reply, “truck hiding” or “it’s hiding.” Yesterday was a NO day, which meant pretty much everything you asked him or offered him was met with a NO. The fun part is that he always repeats what he’s saying NO to, so you can get him to say things like “No saying no.”

In other news. The second to last molar (both on top) is halfway in. He’s still hovering around 25.5 lbs. He’ll eat a lot when he’s hungry, but also these days he’s asserting more and more “Zane control.”