Thanks For All Of The Fish

Zane and I went to a grocery store near his grandparent’s while most everyone else slept in. For the first time ever Zane smelled something. I’d been trying to teach him to smell things and he never seemed to notice or try, but today he walked right up to some flowers, bent over, and put his face next to them and sniffed. He repeated it with a few other arrangements. Next stop, cheese aisle!

While cruising the store he found a pair of stuffing displays on wheels. Really easy rolling wheels. He wanted to rearrange them so I held them in place. The store manager came out, walked up to us, and then started rolling one of the displays. Zane grabbed it and got to push the display to the other side of the store. We’ll have to ask Faith what to put for exceptions on Zane’s W-2 form.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.