I’m kind of worried that once Zane has all of his teeth I won’t have a single thing to write about. And we’ll all sleep through the night. And there will be peace on Earth. And Wall Street will be stable and dependable.

Until such time, how about them chompers? That is one big ol’ molar he has back there and the other one has been causing nothing but troubled nights and weepy days in it’s quest to emerge.

Mommie’s Daddy’s night was at Panera Bread last night since the weather has been so rainy. Zane walked all over the place like he owned the joint, and seeing that he was wearing his Moose boots I think he could. Nobody argues with Moose boots! Panera is a nice spot for Zane since they give out free bread samples, and he loves a good, dense bread. They also have lemon slices out for the Iced Tea drinkers. I grabbed a wedge for Zane and he demonstrated his patent-pending lemon eating technique to the rest of the babies and moms: take a bite, do funny things with face and eyes, take another bite, repeat.

Oh, and we also shared an apple juice box. He did a bang up job of drinking with a straw. First time I’ve had any luck getting him to do that. Faith says they’ve been straw drinking for DAYS!

We’ve also been working on the alphabet. Zane really likes saying “O” and “A”, forget all of the letters between, he just laughs when I suggest a “B” or “C.” “O” is apparently very funny, we can spend all of dinner shoveling food into the baby, saying “0” and laughing heartily.

Here’s a close-up of his teeth. Compare and contrast to last October’s Zane.