Teeth and Raspberries

A close-up from one of the shots yesterday showing all of Zane’s top teeth. He’s got everything up to the first molars and according to this chart should be starting to get second molars in the coming months. He may be already getting them on the bottom row, I’ll have to check.

Faith had a play reading group over last night so Zane and I went on another “boys” expedition. This time we went out for a couple slices of pizza and then over to the playground for hours of fun. Walking, climbing, sliding and even some B-U-S sightings! He sure likes to say bus and will turn to me a minute or so later, serious, and say “bus” just to confirm that I know that he knows that we both saw a bus. We also walked to the center of town and looked at bikes. Zane’s all over bikes: demonstrating derailers, touching tire tread, groping gears, and sproinging spokes. I had to physically stop him from going into the mechanics area, even though he probably would have been a great little helper.

The one thing he did pretty much everywhere we went was make raspberry sound effects. On wood, metal, plastic, windows … pretty much anything at hand he’ll give it a shot. So it was no surprise to see him on the webcam this morning learning how to make them on his own arm.