Technology, bah!

Techno Baby

Hey, how about a hug?

Zane is hovering around 11.2 pounds and he is growing in other dimensions. At his Dr. appointment a couple weeks ago he was up to twenty three inches in length. Every few days we discover another piece of clothing that no longer fits and is relegated to the “bag for the next pregnant friend.”

We take him on long walks each day and yesterday with Faith pushing the empty jogger I carried Zane the first mile. Besides being a workout for Dad it seemed to really work out the Zaner. He was wiggling, stretching, and looking all around the whole way. Even back in the jogger he was wide awake for all but the last half block, which is pretty unusual.

Which reminds me, if gas prices keep going up there’s going to be a big shake-up in the baby raising “industry.” Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to, including my Mom, says that they’d take the baby for long drives whenever it was colicky. What to do when gas prices go north of three bucks a gallon? Long walks? Simulated cars (think rumble seat on a treadmill)? Fewer babies?

“Our baby is only getting 18mpg!”

Maybe continue the car ride therapy using smaller, more efficient automobiles? I imagine a baby would snooze just as well in an electric car as in any other; there’s still road and tire noise, potholes, and jostling. And it’s not like you need hundreds of miles of range to put a baby to sleep. Usually.

Zane zonks out on car rides, but luckily we haven’t had to use the car to settle him. Usually a walk around the yard on someone’s shoulder, sitting by the waterfall (looking for toads), or a short trip in the jogger is enough. The mechanical rocker, i.e. “babysitter,” works sometimes or just popping him into the car seat without the car.

I’m continually impressed by the Graco car seat (another great hand-me-down from Janet & Tyler!). Light-weight injection molded plastic they are simplicity by design. A base in each car makes it quick and easy to snap the seat in/out. The shape coddles the baby and the seat is designed to sit flat on the floor but also rocks with only a nudge.

All that being said there’s not much that beats Mom or Dad’s shoulder and a kiss on the forehead.