Teach a Cat to Fish

Watched Zane teaching Tink to “fish” the other day. Last I saw she just kind of turned, laying down on the fish game a little bit. When I came back upstairs she was casually strolling away, the rocking chair was rocking madly and there was a couch pillow where she’d been laying, a 5 year old was queried and subsequently put into a time out for being mean to his pet.

Somewhat related, Faith and Zane were picking peas in the garden the other day and Tink showed up with a freshly killed mouse. She plopped down on the grass, popped its head off, then when Raz and Zane took too much interest she casually strolled away leaving the carnage. Both of boys were warned to leave it alone. Surprisingly, they did. Zane explained that Tink was using the mouse as a decoration, but wouldn’t go into more detail. Probably just as well.