Tastes Great! Less Filling!

Tastes Great!

There is much that I can relate to in the post over at Isoglossia, So you’ve gone and made a baby. Among them:

“In spite of all this moisture, babies generally smell really nice, especially the drier parts of their heads. You will miss this smell when itís gone.”

It’s true!

I have a good nose. Maybe not a good looking nose, but it is a well-functioning nose able to discern the slightest scent even when mostly plugged. This nose was handed down by my mother — she of the even more sensitive sniffer — and probably comes from a long, distinguished line of highly attuned proboscis.

Yet with all of my sniffing and analyzing I can’t say there’s really anything to smell off of Zane’s head. That being said it truly is a wonderful smell. Perhaps it’s the lack of smell that is so appealing? Or maybe it’s a distillation of Faith and Jerry odors (the good ones, not the “I’ve been taking care of baby and not bathing for a long time” smell) that exudes such a warm familiarity? Or it is another clever baby trick meant to keep us under his spell where we might otherwise go running and screaming down the street.

His hair is also very nibbly. Very, very nibbly. One can munch on downy soft baby follicles all morning long.