Tastes Great

We went out to eat Friday night and instead of letting us butter his bread, he ate the butter straight off the knife. Hey, whatever puts a few pounds on him. He also spent most of the meal savoring a peperoncini that came with my sandwich. Faith cringed each time he took a bite, but he ended up eating the whole thing. He also ate raw onion, fries, hamburger, salad, cukes, tomatoes, and pretty much everything else we put in front of him. Last night I cooked up a nice slab of salmon. It’s put on a cedar plank, with pats of butter and a bunch of capers and then slow cooked with hickory smoke on the grill. Zane ate his and all of my salmon skin interspersed with capers. As he put it, “I LOOOOOOVE capers!” He also ate a couple slices of lemon.

Last night before bed we went out and harvested the blackberries along our front wall and he probably ate a couple cups worth. Maybe that’s why he was a little wired when it was time for bed? We were going to set up the tent outside, but then I remembered it was the day before 4th of July and might be noisy. So we set up the tent in the family room, which Zane didn’t seem to mind at all. We watched toy story on the big screen while sitting in the tent, kind of like being at the drive-in theater. He was super wiggle all evening and probably didn’t fall asleep until after eleven. I got up at five and he got up at 5:30, and I suspect he’s feeling better than I am.