I’ve been calling him taffy because he keeps getting longer without getting any heavier. You can see that he’s getting pretty close to outgrowing the race car bed. What’s amazing to me is that he’s only been in this bed for a little over a year. Here’s an entry from June 2009 when he spent his first nights in the bed.

Oh, his new cute (so far) saying these days is, “Stop that!” Where “that” could be just about anything. Yesterday he had his first “pee-in-the-woods.” For some reason he wasn’t going on the potty, saying “daddy help?” and I’d say “you don’t need my help” and he’d do everything but go potty. Eventually he said “pee in woods?” so I took him out and we found a nice spot, just for him, and this time it worked! Considering that we can no longer get the dog to “go in the woods” I’m not sure if this is a milestone or a switching of roles that we shouldn’t encourage.