If I had the foresight to record this as a video instead of a single image I could have auto-tuned it, mixed with Lady Gaga, gone viral, and we would have been millionaires and been on Oprah and everything. As it was I only got this lone snapshot.

The telephone rang last night, I walked over and saw the caller ID was bogus and did a quick pickup/hangup to shut it off. A few moments later I heard Zane downstairs, talking. Coincidence? Maybe. I needed to check on him anyways so I snuck downstairs and found him chatting away on the telephone with his mommy. Except, you know, the telephone wasn’t really on. Apparently when it rang he climbed up and grabbed the phone and started having a long discussion with her. I wish I knew what about. I asked him and after listening to the phone for a second longer he waved the receiver at me and said, “nobody is there!” and then proceeded to start playing with buttons. Yeah, maybe we should move that phone.

Here’s a stealth shot from this morning when Zane was dressing himself. Faith has been setting out his clothes and I guess he’s starting to dress himself lately. She’s also been taking him to the basketball court and he’s learning to ride his tricycle. Which is great, since I’m such a pushover that he still manages to get me to feed him at the table half the time, much less anything else like dressing. Do you think if I tried reverse psychology and insisted that he can’t feed himself it would work and he’d start feeding himself instead? No, me neither.