T-Day + 3

A few photos from our Thanksgiving celebration. I don’t know why I never remember to get out the good camera with the good flash for getting much better photos, but there you have it. We went for a nice hike up to Boston Lot Lake and part the way around on T-day morning, then that evening we had a big meal of prime rib.

Add to the list of Zane’s frequent statements these days, “another.” He’ll see something in real life or a book, like a truck, and then will point and say “Another Truck!” or whatever it is when he sees another similar one. He also has the concept of things going missing, saying “no truck” or “truck is gone.” Of course the clarity that he says these things varies depending on who’s listening. I’m picking up on a lot of the words that Faith or Mom are puzzling over, and then there will be something I can’t make out at all which Faith hears clearly.