Swingin' II


Zane and I are holding down the fort while Faith is in New York for a funeral. I’m not sure what Zane thinks of non-stop dad time, so far we’ve:

  • hiked a couple miles: he was so bundle up that it would have been an effort to wiggle his toes, much less move his feet, yet he stayed alert the whole time
  • went to Home Depot and the grocery store
  • read a couple books, chewed a couple books
  • went into work for a couple hours
  • put a new rope on Zane’s swing (pictured, he picked out the color)
  • swung in the swing
  • made a corner bracket for hanging the TV
  • chewed, chewed, and chewed
  • put up a new indoor laundry line
  • used up all but the very last serving of fresh mommy milk
  • lots of dishes: dirtying and washing
  • made a smoked, barbecued pork loin…for Dad
  • Turkey & Barley for baby (another one that tastes more like fruit/veggies)

We’ve kept pretty busy, but things have been a little off without his Mom around. First night away he fell asleep around eight as usual and then I woke him up at ten for his late night milk feeding, about an hour earlier than Faith normally does it. He paid me back in kind by getting me up two hours earlier for the morning meal. So tonight I’m staying up later to see if that helps.

Oh, and the raspberries continue. He thinks they are funny and will sometimes crack up into a big grin after a particularly good one.