This was the after photo, with happy smiliing, swinging baby. Before he was put in the swing Faith was giving piano lessons while I shuttled Zane from room to room and distraction to distraction trying to keep him from crying.

Finally I hit upon the brilliant idea of taking him out for a little sled ride. We don’t have a proper snow suit for him yet so I started bundling him to excess: fleece overalls, big boots, head engulfing hat, and mittens. I think the mittens really sent him to unhappy land.

Haul the baby and tiny sled out to driveway, prop him into place, bury his legs in blankets and away we go!

Ten feet later and that was the end of his first sled trip. We didn’t even make it off of the driveway much less the North Pole. I think the darkness (it was still light when I started bundling him up) combined with blowing snow was too much for his already unhappy mood.

Back inside, reverse bundling to the sounds of waaaaaa, pop him into the swing and complete baby transformation. “Unhappy? Moi? Banish the thought!”

A photo of the sled test run, which seemed promising at the time.

Sled Test