Super Snooze

The Snoozer

Zane is down to a single nap most days, starting at eleven and sometimes lasting as long as three hours. Once he’s down we’ll turn on the audio monitor, turn on the iPod touch to peek into his room via the video camera over his crib, and then rush like mad to get in a couple hours of uninterrupted work.

Once he’s awake that’s pretty much it for the day, he doesn’t even nod off in the car seat very often. I think it’s his crazy curiosity keeping him from missing out on things.

He’s been getting around eleven hours of sleep most nights. Yeah, there’s at least one or two nights a week where this gets messed up, but overall he’s down by 8 or 9 and doesn’t get up until at least 7am, sometimes later. He can be pretty crazy come bed time: rejecting the milk and crying about it one moment, sucking down a huge bottle worth the next; not sitting still or calming down and then totally collapsing into sleep a few minutes later.

To be honest I still worry about him when he sleeps. I look in on him before going to bed and anytime I wake in the middle of the night. Checking him early in the morning before I got to work is tougher, since there’s the real chance of waking him up … Faith wouldn’t forgive me if I woke the baby at five and toodled off to work. It’s still dark which means the web cam doesn’t work so I listen close to the audio monitor for movement or breathing. This morning I wasn’t hearing anything so I put the speaker right against my ear, volume cranked, straining to pick up even the faintest sound.


And that was it, a lone cry, just long enough to break my eardrum. Well, at least the baby is ok.