Super Reaching Puckerlips

Pucker Lips

Zane and I went to guppies yesterday morning and then out to the Wednesday mommy group in the evening. There were nine babies! In the food ordering line a lady behind us commented that there sure were a lot of babies around. I should have told her it was an uprising and, unless she was wearing ankle guards, she was doomed.

Zane wowed the group with his standing abilities. Later I traded him for another baby, Jonah, who’s a few months younger and about three pounds heavier. Jonah’s mom on picking up Zane, “He’s so light!” Zane’s dad on picking up Jonah, “Jeezum!”

After Zane showed off his standing abilities I assured everyone that he was putting all of his effort into that and totally avoiding the whole “C” word (crawling). Zane, perhaps feeling challenged, of course came home and started crawling all over the play rug and our spare bed. Perhaps it’s a matter of proper motivation? Once he’d seen the camcorder and fixated on it I could move him to the other side of the bed and he’d zip right back.

Good reach