Super Fuzz

Mr. Will-o-wisp hair. I always wonder if the reason there’s less hair in the front than the back is that he’s constantly playing with his hair while we feed him milk. If you say “fuzzy wuzzy” to him he’ll immediately reach up and play with his hair, lovingly. The movie on the right was taken over the weekend. It shows his morning routine (albeit speeded up greatly) with an extended hair fuzzing section.

Getting him ready for his bath last night I’d gotten his clothes off and had the grandiose idea of trying to weigh him. While he was standing on the floor I pulled off his diaper, went to roll it up for disposal while talking to him about getting on the scale, and felt a certain warmness on my foot. After a year and a half and I haven’t had any problem with him peeing while getting his diaper changed, but a few times he’s let loose while standing up in the bathroom. Maybe it’s the rushing sound of water and anticipation of the bath? Maybe I should have him standing on a step stool in front of the toilet?

And now for an editorial reply from our guest editor, Zane Halstead.