Super Blues Day

First off belated Happy Birthday to Zane’s Uncle Andy. I think he’s the one Uncle Zane has yet to meet, but they would certainly hit it off well. Also, “break a leg,” or whatever you say, to Faith as her play opens tonight. It’s her first play as the leading actress and we are both very proud of her.

As I’ve mentioned the new molar(s) have stretched Zane’s tolerance to the very edge, making it much easier to devolve into a blubbering mass of sadness. Last night he sort of spun/fell off of his little desk—one second he was sitting on it the next he was laying under it—and after a few moments to let that sink in he really started crying. Pat, pat, “it’s ok baby Zane,” I consoled but he wasn’t buying it.

After letting the cry run its course and he started to realize the world wasn’t all that bad he dropped the sippy cup on a foot and that was the end of the peace talks. Super blue crying Zane. He could barely breath due to having BOTH hands shoved into his mouth and covered in slobber and tears. Saddest. Thing. Ever.