Super Blue

Look, eyebrows! Sort of. Just needs a little food smeared into them for highlight.

I think I managed to weigh Zane before his bath last night and got 23 lbs. He likes to play the jump-on-and-off-the-scale game and the scale likes to play the how-many-numbers-can-I-show game. Between the two of them we may never know Zane’s true weight. I am still seriously considering getting one of those hook scales for weighing fish. Just need to make a sling for Zane or use it when he’s in overalls.

Zane’s vocabulary these days is quite rich and varied although there’s still only a handful of words we understand. Cat for sure, Daddy, Mommy on occasion, and Dog is represented with a simple “D”. Sound effects cover Owl, Dog, Cow, sort of kittty/cat, fish, and cars, trucks, buses and other equipment all have pretty much the same rumbling engine noise (as rumbling as a 19 month old can make). He uses a few signs: milk (not often), more, some strange bending of the hand towards wrist and away from his body that we’ve decided means “want”, bird, and butterfly. I didn’t know he knew butterfly as I hadn’t seen it or used it, but one night we read a book and he used a sign when we came across a butterfly. It’s the one sign I’ve seen him use all of the time for an object.

Oh, and he’s figured out what a phone is for. The night I took this shot (blurry but I like it) we had a long phone call with each other across the family room.