Sunshine and Warmth

Winter’s not totally over, especially considering that there’s a light wafting of snowflakes out the window right now, but the past week has been very Spring-like and even warm at times. The snow-encrusted terrain is becoming less so and mud season is gearing up. Zane is much better after the anti-biotics, just a little bit of a cough (usually at 3am!). He’s eating well, in good spirits, and mostly sleeping through the night. These photos were taken by the bright, sunny French doors in the family room yesterday using natural light. Zane’s reached the point where he wants to see what his photo looks like right after I take one. “Ha ha, that’s a good one!” he seems to say each time.

Friday night our friend Roseanne from work came over to watch Zane while Faith and I had a “date” night out (dinner and groceries!). Zane played it perfectly, not really fussing when we left and then being all sad when Roseanne left…doing his best to ensure that she comes back real soon! “:^)