Sunday Stuff

If you click the photo above you’ll be treated to a short, horribly taken movie of Zane washing and drying his hands at Home Depot yesterday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again: someone needs to come out with a head/eyeglass/lapel mounted “parent” camera. It’s always recording what you are seeing, throwing away anything over a couple of minutes old unless you press a button to say “save that!” See, kids are always doing something ten seconds before you turn the camera on so if the camera is always running you have a better chance of capturing the moment and showing the world. It would hopefully have a stable mount and not suffer from being swung about like the camera (iPhone) used in this video.

All that said, we went to Home Depot and Zane was auditioning for the Olympics. Running, running, running. Jumping, jumping, jumping. Climbing, climbing, climbing. Just non-stop from the moment we got there until we all ran back to the car in the pouring rain. We hit a few stores and then went out for lunch and he was “on” the whole time. Seriously, if we can learn to focus the energy down a running track or football field (or behind a lawnmower!) we’ll be really onto something.

Oh, and one final note: he finished the lollipop last night. Phew!