Sunday Snow

Contemplative Zane

Yesterday a big storm moved through the area, covering us in a little under a foot of new snow. We stayed home and busied ourselves around the house, keeping the baby entertained/fed while trying to sneak in some laundry, dishes, cooking, and xmas cards.

Janet gave us Tyler’s old baby sled the other day so after I cleared the driveway off we took Zane out for a little sledding. This involved taking off wet clothes (drooly day!), putting on dry ones, slipping the baby into his snowsuit, putting on a hat, zipping and snapping everything shut, and finally taking the face-lost-in-bundling outside. Really, at this point he’s so small that any amount of bundling pretty much leaves him incapacitated and he can only sit there staring out at the world.

The sled was a hit, if for no one else but his dad who truly appreciates its maneuverability. I got a couple giggles out of Zane, but those may have been more in response to my sound effects than the action packed excitement of being pulled back and forth down the driveway. Faith gave him a few high-speed runs and then it was back inside: his snowsuit sporting a big wet drool patch and cheeks a rosy red.

Before heading off to bed I sat him down in front of the Christmas tree and took a long exposure photo, illuminated only by the tiny bulbs on the tree.

Sitting by Tree