Sunday Sniffles

Playing on Family room floor

Zane has a cold, daddy has a cold, neither of us are very happy about it. He has the worst of it since it’s so difficult to drink from a baby bottle when your nose is plugged. He was playing in the family room yesterday, nose running like crazy, when I looked over to see a HUGE booger bubble. Amazingly huge. To my credit the first instinct was to wipe off his nose and the second was to get the camera. The second instinct was a little disappointed to miss out on such a great shot.

An interesting thing about this picture is what he was doing just before it was taken. Zane had been playing with a toy and then looked towards the French doors. I asked him, “Are you looking for Janet?” (Janet & Faith were weeding by the front wall). To which he leaned right and craned his neck for a better view outside. I don’t know how much he understands but when there’s a direct correlation like that it really gets ya wondering.