Sunday Drama

The Drama!

Yesterday was daddy’s day for watching baby. Things kicked off around 6:30AM and didn’t wind down until 8PM or so. There was only an hour and a half nap in between, so things started getting a little dramatic the last few hours. The top photo is after I had the audacity to set him on the floor while taking off my shoes. What was I thinking?!

It was also a slasher weekend. Zane’s nails are almost trimmed to the first knuckle and yet he managed to self-inflict multiple face wounds.

Lots of crawling yesterday and lots of walking. He still reverts to his “cry while crawling” mode sometimes, usually when there’s only a foot of crawling left to reach his dad. Something like, “Yeah, yeah, I’m crawling but you could pick me up already!” I’ve found the best means to motivate Zane is the TV remote. He’ll walk or crawl at warp speed, with a happy-zombie look on his face, just to get a shot at playing with the remote. There’s something to be said for multi-colored, rubbery buttons that don’t make sound effects every time they are pressed.

Food note: while picking up food yesterday I ran across this jar of baby food. Wild Alaskan Salmon looks interesting but I didn’t have any idea what fructooligosaccharides were until I got back home. Why would you need artificial sweeteners in baby food, especially one that primarily consists of sweet potatoes?

Today’s contest: count the slashes!

Sunday Slasher