This is just one of the many signs of our independent little boy. On his own he decided that having the tongues of his shoes stick out is the way to go. The other day I pointed out that his shoes were on the wrong feet and suggested he swap them. Well, I meant shoes, but in less than a second he crossed his legs and swapped feet! Clever.

You might remember from a past post that we’ve been going swimming. After a couple visits to the pool I thought he ought to have real swim lessons. Faith signed him up and he’s been doing a great job. Well, this weekend all three of us went to the pool and it was completely different from all of the others. For one he can now bring himself up to the surface to catch a breath (although we are both totally nervous and stay close). But the real surprise is how much time he spends underwater now. Instead of trying to swim around using the handy float we grabbed he sank into the water and used the float to pull himself back out of the water for a quick breath, then back down again. There’s a number of variations on this including the dramatic “jump off shallow ledge into deep water” but whatever the technique he did this for almost TWO HOURS! The first half hour there were boogers streaming out of his nose, but I guess his sinuses cleared up after that. “:^)