Study of a young artist

Caught on camera during “nap time” Wednesday (click image for movie). What wasn’t filmed was the ten or fifteen minutes following this movie where he was climbing and running all over the place. The music is Medeski, Martin & Wood, great for kids and adults.

Zane’s really starting to put together sentences and concepts. He will point at each of us during dinner and say our names, including himself. When he sits on the couch to watch Curious George (well, I DIG DIRT these days) he’ll pat the spot next to him and say “daddy sit here.” After I made dinner last night I wondered out loud where his grandma was and he replied, “grandma hiding.” Since hiding is one of his favorite games what else could she possibly be doing? Last night after laying him down in bed he pat the mattress and said “daddy lie down.”

Oh, and there’s another he’s been doing for a couple of weeks off and on, which I still find really cute: lay down. He stands next to Raz’s bed (Raz doesn’t even have to be around) then in his best grumbly dad voice (Faith calls it his Damian voice), points to the dog bed and commands “LAY DOWN!”