Stretch Halstead

Being as he’s not quite tall and skinny enough we do a regular stretching exercise…

He was a little out of sorts yesterday: weepy, tired, with little bags under his eyes. After he woke from a three hour nap he must have cried for twenty minutes and this with me holding and comforting him. And then somewhere in there the word playground came up (I don’t remember saying it, I did type it in an email) and his spirits turned around and it was time to go to the playground. Turnout was light, but that didn’t stop Zane from going to exercise with the weekly “boot camp” class, climb all of the boulders (and jump off), and then try to coerce a slightly older boy into giving up his Buzz Lightyear and race car toys.

Zane potty training. Some days he kind of “forgets” and goes in his big boy shorts or diaper, but more and more these days he’s going on the potty. In fact a lot of times without realizing it. Last night it was time for a bath and while I got the tub ready he sat on the potty, playing with a kids sound/picture program on the iPad (the pictured pig makes a loud SQUEEEEEE!!!!! noise and Zane laughs every time). When I went to put him in the tub I discovered that he’d gone #1 and #2 in the toilet. He’s all casual like, “oh, yeah, I didn’t mention that? Where’s my poop truck?”