Still Super Sweet

Proof that even though he gets a few timeouts these days, likes to whack mommy or daddy or doggy once in a while, and cries for the craziest reasons (Daddy take jacket off!) he sure is cute.

Oh, and a warning to any future babysitters, when he says “Naked fire?” what he’s really asking for is to be changed into his pajamas in the warm, orange glow of the stove downstairs. We first did this after a bath one night when his room wasn’t warmed up and now he’s expecting it. Here’s a photo from naked fire. It’s even helping him with his sentence construction. Last night he put together, “read books downstairs naked fire?”

I had a quick business trip to New York City on Thursday and Friday, taking the bus down and back. While there Faith and I had a couple of video/audio chats, with Zane kind of dancing around the periphery of camera view. He wouldn’t say much. I’d say hi and he’d just smile. I’d ask what he did and he’d hide from view. Only when I turned the laptop’s camera out the hotel window, pointed down to the busy NY street did he start talking. “Car! Truck! Doggy. Bus. Truck!” on and on, a non-stop running commentary of morning unfolding on one New York City block.