Static Klingon

Static cling, the only safe glue to use on kids.

Zane’s been fighting off a cough for a while now. Started off as a once or twice a day kind of thing and more recently he’s woken himself up with coughing. Turns out it’s been going around and all of his friends either have it or have had it. Probably didn’t help that instead of forging forth to Florida for vacation we holed up in windy, frigid Washington DC. I know it didn’t help my health any. Next year.

His push for independence continues. If he only fully understood english, or at least the subtleties behind bribery and coercion and rationalization, we’d probably have him potty trained by now. Lord knows he’s fed up with us changing his diaper. Some days turn into full-fledged battles just to replace his poopy diaper with a clean one.

ME: hey, there’s a potty right over there, you’ll never have to see a diaper again!

HE: ggrrrrrwwahhhgrumblesqueak

ME: Right.

In the morning somedays I see Faith trying to get him out of pajamas and into the day’s clothes with him fighting tooth and nail the whole way. And you wonder, hey, this might be the day he spends running around the house naked.

Speaking of getting naked, when he takes a bath these days I hand him each clothing item as it is taken off and he goes over the clothes chute, opens it, drops the clothing down (maybe with a peek to ensure it’s gone) and then closes the lid. Last night he took it one step further. Once the clothes were off I removed his diaper, rolled it up and said “can you put this in the garbage?” He grabbed it and as I lifted the lid of the garbage he walked over, threw it away and pushed the lid back down.

It’s funny and gratifying to watch our little pink stick figure doing such complicated tasks.