Squishy Ear

Squishy Ear

Mr. Serious Eyes With Squished Ear is somewhere around fourteen pounds today. At least I saw that number fly by the most as he wiggled and complained on the scale. I need me one of them fish weighin’ things, just hook baby by his shirt collar.

Speaking of hooked babies, Zane has his first wound. When I was changing his diaper yesterday afternoon I noticed a big slash on his leg. It’s probably three inches long and not just a mild scratch. The odd thing is that it was lined up perfectly with the top of his sock, as if the sock spun 100 degrees around his leg while dragging a thorn. We inspected all of his clothing and transportation devices, no clues yet. Faith thought he was acting unusually fussy when she took him on a walk about a half hour earlier.

Oh, and there’s also QWERTY tattooed on the back of his head, but let’s not talk about that one…