Squirrelly vs Squirrel

squirrel attack!

Yesterday was an action packed day for Zane. First off Dad fed him solid foods when he woke up at six thirty, after which he was kind of wired and wiggling around his crib until Mom got up. A snack of milk and then zonked out for a nap at around ten.

Up for lunch, playing with Mom, and other, certainly top-secret, things that dad doesn’t know about. Went out sledding with Mom when Dad came home from work, which was super cold and left him wide-eyed and rosy cheeked.

Bounced back and forth between parents for a while and then it was off with Mom to the Wednesday night baby get together. Faith will have to remind me who/how many babies showed up, but it sounded like a full house. Zane slept through much of it though: “hi, hey, oh hi, hello, hey you have a tooth, howdy, zzzz….”

Back home it was late and time for milk, pajamas, and bedtime. A funny thing happened on the way to slumber, no one showed up! Zane had a major case of the wiggles, as if someone else was running the remote control baby and all he could do is sit wide-eyed and wondering what the heck was going on.

I rocked and wrestled him, he was quite a handful, and after twenty minutes without any progress his battery ran out.

Oh, and despite a breakfast of prunes, no poops all day. Yeah, that’s the other thing, he’s on a poop every other day kind of schedule. On one hand it’s kind of nice, you only have to deal with wet diapers and little if any cleanup. He gets a little pre-occupied: grunting off and on through the day, usually with nothing to show. When it finally arrives there’s no subtlety or warning: the once clean baby is sporting an over-full diaper (and pant leg, shirt, sock…).

You should see the smile on his face though, that is one happy baby!