Sprung by Spring

Excellent weather yesterday so I rushed home from work early and took Zane to the playground. He seemed a bit hesitant about going down the slide on his own, but otherwise was all over the place. There were a couple dozen other kids and their Moms (maybe one other dad) and they were everywhere…total madhouse. It seemed that Zane enjoyed simply watching all of the craziness, smiling and laughing randomly at it all.

He also walked a lot. The playground area is spread over a few hundred feet with the main slide/play contraption closer and a few other items scattered at the other end. Zane walked all the way to the jungle gym and then proceeded to climb it. This is one of those large half-circle structures, that looks like four bent metal ladders arching to meet in the center. The first step he needed a little help reaching and from there he just shimmied right up, with me nervously spotting and catching stray mis-steps. He got to the top, which is a little over six feet high and we were both like, “uh, now what?!” I carefully extracted and lowered him and we went back to walking and playing.

Then after dinner we went outside again and he walked all over the place. Heck he even ran a little bit. It was like Winter had finally thawed out of his system. I didn’t have a camera along for any of it, but did capture some of his capering later in the evening.

Oh, and I should mention that yesterday was his 23rd month birthday. Almost two years old!